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Banana Runtz is a hybrid strain (50% sativa /50% indica) .grown from a cross between the exemplary Zkittlez X Gelato strains. Looking for a lovely sweet flavor? You have it with this  exotic  Runtz Strain. This Runtz Strain has a sweet taste with traces of ready banana and a bit of dark pepper also. The smell is similarly as delightful, how ever somewhat heavier, with a sharp and zesty hint complemented by new fruity banana and acrid sweets. Buy Runtz Online at Cookiescoonected .

Banana Runtz is a hyped hybrid strain from a collaboration between the Cookies fam and Runtz crew .It is amongst one of the most popular Cookies Strains . This exotic strain has buds which smell like a bowl of candy.  Also these buds have colors ranging from rich yellow to dark green .Buy Runtz online


This Cookies strain is noted for its euphoric and elevated high that last a certain period of time, about 5 to 6 hours. The Banana Runtz high is basically evenly balanced. With impacts that hit both brain and body with an elevated level of intensity on account of its  normal THC level  of 22-28% normal THC level. You’ll feel lifted with a feeling of mental energy and inspiration that has your mind all over the place . stress may come along with anxiety and other body alignments such as mild aches .

Due to the potency of the high of this  Runtz strain its is perfect for treating patients with the following. This Cookies Strain is used to combat excessive pain and nausea .It can also be used to treat patients suffering from insomnia and damaged appendages .Buy Runtz online .

This exotic Cookies Strain is particularly hyped by most reviewers  due to its sugary profile which smells like a bowl of candy and its fruity aroma. It is definitely certain that you are going to be left wanting each time you consume Banana Runtz .If you are looking to buy the best exotic Runtz online visit our shop. If you are looking for something to get you in the zone after a moody or stressful day then you got the perfect strain right here .

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