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Berners Cookies strain   from Cookies started with two visionary organizers: develop master Jai, and business person Berner, whose Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) stays one of the most recommended cannabis strains on the planet. From the soonest days in a San Francisco carport to worldwide development, our objective has continued as before: legitimacy and inventive hereditary qualities.


Our control of the whole experience beginning to end, separates us from the rest around the world . We invest heavily in our in-house development, worldwide assortments, and full arrangement of strain-explicit items. Treats is a way of life. Join the network as we take it around the world


Berners Cookies strain  is a sativa predominant cross breed (approximately 81% sativa/19% indica).cookies  strain was developed by  the popular Berner himself, a rapper and buddy of Wiz Khalifa. It has an addictive flavor and insane powerful THC level that hits above 28%. This hefty hitting cut of Girl Scout Cookies isn’t to be belittled, its amongst the best . With every sweet breathe in of this delectable bud comes new kinds of rich vanilla and nutty kush. The smell that is delivered as the nugs are scorched produces on a comparative results. Despite of the fact that it can turn wet and sharp on occasion its still amazing.


The impacts creep up on you a couple of moments after your first toke. Out of nowhere it drops you  a glad amiable state. You’ll feel euphoric and ready to converse with people
Berners Cookies strain are compact and forest-green, featuring a dank, earthy smell with matching vanilla, nutty flavors. Despite the fact that you may get diverted now and again with wild inventive musings but its worth the wild. The cookies strain  turns out to be marginally stoney which can leave you calmed and lethargic in case you’re not cautious. In blend with its THC level, these impacts makes cookies strains ideal for treating ,insomnia, appetite loss and  depression. This bud has little round grape-molded backwoods green nugs with brilliant blazing orange hairs.

Cookies Strain

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Cookies Strain

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