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The Cookies fam has been known for producing the best exotic strain in the cannabis markets today. The top ten exotic cannabis strains from Berners weed farm include;

  1. The cereal milk strain
  2. Gary Payton strain
  3. London pound cake strain
  4. Gelati strain
  5. Snowman strain
  6. Cherry pies strain
  7. Pink rosay strain
  8. Sweet tea strain
  9. Huney bun strain
  10. Cheetah piss strain                                                                                                                                                                                                                              So what makes these cookies strains exotic? This is pretty simple ,It has to do with more than just making you high. We are so far past the days of smoking regular low grade marijuana most cannabis dispensaries offer this days . With marijuana stores all over the country and people literally dedicating most of their time in  growing the dopest weed on the market, we at cookiesconnected make sure to dedicate 101% of our time and effort to produce top quality buds so you can have more to enjoy than just getting stoned. Delicious and exotic cannabis is tasty, has a unique smell and can even have a unique feel.

Cookies Strain

Gelatti Strain

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